01. Most of the maple syrup [produced] in the world comes from the province of Quebec.
02. The [production] of lumber is a major contributor to the economy of this state.
03. Dr. Joyce Brothers once said, "No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more [productive]."
04. The [producer] of that movie is well-known in France.
05. Thrifty Stores now sell organic [produce] from local farms.
06. The factories of Asia [produce] the majority of electronic equipment sold in stores in this country.
07. David Sarnoff once said that competition brings out the best in [products], and the worst in people.
08. There is a Nigerian proverb which observes that fine words do not [produce] food.
09. Female elephants [produce] only one calf every five years.
10. Tequila is [produced] from agave plants, a bluish-colored plant found in Mexico.
11. The average cow [produces] 40 glasses of milk each day.
12. A dolphin [produces] notes 100 times higher than the highest note a human soprano can reach.
13. A mated pair of rats can [produce] up to 15,000 babies in one year.
14. A full seven percent of the entire Irish barley crop goes to the [production] of Guinness beer.
15. The sun's energy [production] each second is enough to supply the electrical needs of the United States for 50 million years at the current rate of consumption.
16. Snow and rain often [produce] hazardous driving conditions.
17. The main purpose of marriage in the culture of ancient Egypt was the [production] of children.
18. Guatemala's most [productive] soil is found in the highlands along the coastal plain.
19. Malolotja, in Swaziland, has the oldest known mine in the world, which was in [production] more than 40,000 years ago.
20. Experts say that farmers will need to at least double their [production] over the next 25 years to feed the Earth's growing population.
21. Computer networks increase [productivity] by allowing workers to share information easily.

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